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One Weekend - Over 3000 DKP spent!

by Nampus, 49 days ago

7 Day re-pops started Saturday the 23rd with a try at Gore, failed to get an FTE(DoH). We then made a quick run over to Veeshan's Peak for a try at Phara Dar but VERY contested FTE (got it but couldn't get the DA off before charm). We then started Sunday the 24th with a quick Run at Yelinak but  due to a COTHing mix up we missed... Things starting to look bleak for us on  7 day re-pops day.

We started the day with Efeetis in SKY GRATZ:

Ishtmus on his Wu%27s_Fist_of_Mastery. From the Overseer of AIR and Wyman on his Belt_of_the_Four_Winds. Top notch items from sky.


During our SKY raid we got a call from our EUROPA/OMNI friends that Cazic_Thule_(God) popped and to rush over to PLANE of FEAR.

So we ran over and got the BONE DRAGON again, thats x3 in a row now. a dracoliche thanks for the Crimson_Robe_of_Alendine and Staff_of_Undead_Legions all solid drops.

We then turned our eye to the prize of CT.. Gotten 8 of the last 10 of this guy we are on a roll. THANKS to Cazic Thule for the: 

GRATZ Greevtox on the (PS):Brain_of_Cazic_Thule

OMNI: Eye_of_Cazic_Thule

Europa: Eye_of_Cazic_Thule

Once that was all sorted out. WE RAN over to VP for some dragons.


GRATZ Gecko on his new Shissar_Seance_Staff

The Servers most hated DRAGON... NEXONA was next.. on the 3rd try....LOL.


OMNI: Robe_of_Adversity

Aaalien: Bo_Staff_of_Trorsmang

Murof: Ykeshan_Broad_Axe

We then got a CALL from some of our friends socking ToV that a Destroyer was left sitting up due to DQ.

GRATZ: Aaalien on his new Ancient_Wurm_Hide_Greaves and Teml on some Wurm_Claw_Pauldrons.

We then ran back to VP with our force a few dragons where left in window... HOSH POP...He really hurts...



Yell: Shissar_Apothic_Staff

Rums: Feverblade_-_Bane_of_the_Shissar

Jfonz: Veridix%27s_Shortsword

Ever shifting the Paradigm on the P99 Blue:Server

SUBMIT and app here: APPLY TODAY!!!

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GOD kills and Undead Dragons and GORE.

by Nampus, 57 days ago

7 Day Repops started with assisting the Coldains in driving back the Kormrif invading forces. Gratz MuraMatsu on his 10th ring, Cakepie on earring of Frozen skull, Murf on the Faceguard and Woppoz on the Lance (I cant pay him to stop using the thing...). Kittens on the Choker, Crown and EYE

Paradigm Shift has over 20 members now with 10th rings.

Saturday late night EARLY gore POP we gathered our wizzys and NUKED GORE back to death. Gratz BunKk on the pouch 

Gorenaire says, 'Another lost soul has found its way home.  I pray you live your next life a bit more wisely.' 

clean gore

After a very long tracking session and finally an all out sock against 4 other guilds. Cazic Thule summoned all his minions in his plane for us to play with. Downing our 2nd a dracoliche we targeted CT after he took out 80+ Aftermath. 2nd CT in as many weeks.

First a draco Gratz Nampus on Zombie_Flesh_Bracer, Europa Fearsome_Shield

Second a draco Gratz Kolsh on Bone-Clasped_Girdle

Cazic Thule: Gratz Grimmand on his Halo_of_the_Enlightened, Gratz Omni on the Robe_of_Inspiration and Europa on their new bloody Eye_of_Cazic_Thule


On Monday we where going to have a CHILL Day per the MOTD....... but a few mins after that we got this 


@everyone TUNARE! BG asked for our help, let's get her dead! Guaranteed loot since her loot table has been fixed! Head to PoG!

After killing about 120 mobs and all the named we were ready to get after her to 15% health with ONE tank.... maybe next time one tank her.

Gratz Baylan a much deserving officer on a guild first Essence_of_Nature and Blood Guard on there new Massive_Heartwood_Thorn

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Chardok 2.0 QARDOK

by Nampus, 63 days ago

With a scramble to find footing at 5 AM EST server shutdown every one wondering what going on.

Chardok .5?? its not the full release SORRY monks no triple attack yet and yes rangers still /sighing

Chardok 1/2?


We headed to fear and Bagged Terror, Dread, Draco and the BIG guy CT Grats Jiga on a new the new Bile_Etched_Obsidian_Choker Also grats to Europa and Omni on Eye_of_Cazic_Thule and Cloak_of_the_Fearsome


With so much time spent in fear due to a minor wipe (looking at you AEGIS) we moved on a friendly target. LOOK DEEP into his eye... TRAKANON.

we enjoyed killing him so much we triggered another one. GRATZ OMNI on a BARD EPIC

We rounded the quake up with a RING WAR an help the Coldain PUSH back the Gaint's trying to push the Coldain's of "their lands" once and for all.

Paradigm Shift always having fun with daily activity's and grouping's.

\/ these guys are dieing to PS. GRATS treeplanter ( guess what class) on his Windstriker




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