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Chardok 2.0 QARDOK

by Nampus, 3 days ago

With a scramble to find footing at 5 AM EST server shutdown every one wondering what going on.

Chardok .5?? its not the full release SORRY monks no triple attack yet and yes rangers still /sighing

Chardok 1/2?


We headed to fear and Bagged Terror, Dread, Draco and the BIG guy CT Grats Jiga on a new the new Bile_Etched_Obsidian_Choker Also grats to Europa and Omni on Eye_of_Cazic_Thule and Cloak_of_the_Fearsome


With so much time spent in fear due to a minor wipe (looking at you AEGIS) we moved on a friendly target. LOOK DEEP into his eye... TRAKANON.

we enjoyed killing him so much we triggered another one. GRATZ OMNI on a BARD EPIC

We rounded the quake up with a RING WAR an help the Coldain PUSH back the Gaint's trying to push the Coldain's of "their lands" once and for all.

Paradigm Shift always having fun with daily activity's and grouping's.

\/ these guys are dieing to PS. GRATS treeplanter ( guess what class) on his Windstriker




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Planar Gauntlet 2019

by FlRENZE, 21 days ago

This past week PS decided to pay visits to some of our friends in the Planes of Fear, Hate, Growth, and of course Sky. First up was Plane of Hate, where we had our eyes set on one of the most coveted mobs in all of P99. When we're not training people (sorry BG ), we love to zip in and out of Hate to roll the dice with some earth staffs. Next time, Magi P`Tasa!

We also paid Cazic Thule a visit in Plane of Fear with our friends in Europa and Omni. Fortunately for us, CT is still a registered organ donor at and gave us an Eye of Cazic Thule (congrats Vadore!) along with the Brain of Cazic Thule and Robe of Inspiration (congrats E/O). 

Next up was Plane of Growth. POG is always a really fun zone-wide clear with one of the most intense and technical boss fights on P99. Tunare unfortunately got the best of us our first attempt with some nasty RNG, but we cleaned up our act (and the CH chain) for the second round. Tunare, the Mother of All, determined that we needed some more breastplates for our raiders so she decided to give us two more. Also a big congratulations to our friends in Omni on the Braid of Golden Hair.

Paradigm Shift had just turned three years old, and we continue to do Plane of Sky to this date. This incredibly fun zone still hasn't lost its appeal to a lot of our raiders who never fail to make a Sunday morning Sky raid. Always lots of fun to be had in this zone!

We also paid our favorite poison dragon a visit in Sebilis this last Tuesday. With how competitive Trakanon kills have been lately, we were very happy to snag this dragon in one of the cleanest Trakanons that I've seen in many months. Congratulations Cerate on the Jaundice Bone BP and Yell on the Donal's BP! He also gave us three of his teeth. Congratulations on some new VP keys!

Congratulations to everyone on the loot and the fun memories!

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Paradigm Shift has been busy!

by FlRENZE, 28 days ago

It's nearing the end of January, and Paradigm Shift continues to be busy. End-game raiding isn't necessarily our only modus operandi, but we certainly love competing on our terms. We've had some hits and misses so far this year, but learn from our mistakes (and more importantly, have fun doing it!) Some of the highlights this past week below...

CAZIC THULE! Our favorite God of fear. We paid him a visit early Wednesday with our friends in Europa and Omni to give him a taste of his own medicine. Apparently he couldn't find a tree big enough to escape our raid force.

Cazic Thule decided to gift us with a few of his organs... Congratulations Yell on a well-deserved Eye of Cazic Thule, along with our friends in Europa/Omni on the other Eye of Cazic Thule along with the Brain of Cazic Thule (gross).

We also LOVE to do Ring Wars with our friends on P99. This most recent one was also with our pals in Europa/Omni earlier in the week on Thursday. Yet another flawless victory for our Dwarven pals to the north who gave us a Choker of the Wretched (congrats Arcannis!) and a Crown of Narandi (congrats guild recharge funds!). Our friends in E/O took the other prizes along with a Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV (grats Screapy/Kiky from Europa!)

Never content with just helping our Dwarven friends in Thurgadin with Ring Wars, PS also helps with killing a certain giant menace that calls Kael his home. Congratulations to Sopha and Jigabyte on Chestplates of Vindication, and Tunesz on Boots of the Vindicator!

We also love to visit Plane of Sky every Sunday morning to have fun island-hopping while we all enjoy some coffee. There's always an abundance of some great quest loot to get here, even in the face of some serious login server issues! (In recent memory) congratulations to Rums on a long awaited Belt of the Four Winds and Vadore of a Necklace of Resolution. 

We have also been knocking out some epic fights and smaller group activities when we can! Xenevorash, Eejag, Venril Sathir, Kazen Fecae, and others were no match for our (way more than necessary) raid force. We also made time this week for a Garzicor for our friend, Abides!

An earthquake earlier in this month apparently revitalized a lot of the server, and renewed interest (and competition) in killing giants and dargons! Our impromptu Halls of Testing raid turned oddly competitive with having to share part of the wing with another guild. This is how HOT raiding apparently occurs in 2019 ladies and gentlemen!

Maybe not that competitive :)

Here at PS, we try our best to make the most out of the game. We all like to explore Norrath with our friends, and kill a couple baddies along the way. You have zero obligation to maintain a raid requirement, and we encourage people to just have fun. If you are interested in hanging out with a group of friendly, selectively neckbeardy people, we might be worth checking out. We are all incredibly approachable, so please feel free to reach out to any one of us! 

Except for Runyan, screw that guy.

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