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Temple of Veeshan

by Pyrrhica, 9 days ago

Awesome competitive pull and wild kill of Lord Vyemm tonight with Azure Guard pals. We also snagged a pretty loaded Eashen of the Sky and narrowly missed FTE on Lord Koi'Doken. Fun times in ToV!

Congrats Wyman on Silver Whip of Rage and Rahlae on Ring of the Sky. AG picked up a Silver Bracelet of Rage and Claw of Lightning. We downed Cekenar earlier in the day as well -- congrats to our Europa friends on Silver Dagger of Destruction. More of this to come!

UPDATE -- Early clean up of dragon leftovers with E/O went quite well: Ikatiar the Venom, Zlexak, Sevalak, Silverwing and Nexona were slayed. Congrats Zarnia on Tvenken's Slippers of Silence, Drgonzo on Axe of Resistance and Izro on Bo Staff of Trorsmang!

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by Pyrrhica, 12 days ago

Ring Wars have been pretty competitive lately, but we weren't about to let one of our favorite Rogues down. Huge turnout for a Sunday night Ring War peaking at 46 Paradigm Shift in attendance! It was yet another flawless team up with our Kitty pals.

Big congrats to Meathook on Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV! Congrats also to Baylan on Earring of the Frozen Skull, Tinydevil (Fabby) on Crown of Narandi and Molon (Treack) on Narandi's Lance!

Our old pal Derakor died a lot this weekend as we've been breaking in the new DKP system. Congrats to Tocar, Gulfstream and Tazlaz on Chestplates of Vindication and Drgonzo on Living Thunder Earring! At some point during our weekend giant slaughter Velketor died as well. Congrats Devak on Crystal Crown of Confusion!

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by Pyrrhica, 16 days ago

Happy Halloween! Oh yeah, Quakes are back!

ToV on a quake is a complete shitshow, but worth making the effort. Despite wiping early on to a solo Aaryonar (????) we recovered nicely and landed Lord Feshlak and Ikatiar the Venom as consolation prizes. Congrats Meatee on Chestplate of Fiery Might and Muramatsu on Ancient Wyvern Hide Leggings! Our E/O pals picked up some lovely items in Skywatcher's Monocle and Cloak of Venom.

With ToV becoming train central we headed off to the quiet solitude of Veeshan's Peak.

We began by downing an angry and Complete Healing Phara Dar. Awesome, extended fight. Silverwing was a total pushover in comparison.

Pulls and goal tending were perfect from start to finish. Dragon corpses stacked up quick.

Everyone played at a high level making this one of our smoothest VP runs in recent memory.

Golem Wands, people... At least corpsing out was made easy courtesy of Nexona.

Not only was this one of our smoothest VP sweeps ever -- and a ton of fun -- the loot was simply amazing. Huge congrats to Smuth on Shroud of Veeshan, Vadore on Shissar Apothic Staff, Sheys on Hammer of the Dragonborn, Kanick on Blood Orchid Katana and Razor Sharp Short Sword, Xaikril on Feverblade - Bane of the Shissar, Bendain on Spear of Constriction, Muppet on Shissar Focus Staff, Zitsa on Malevolent Runeblade and Diminuto on Robe of Adversity!

Our late night E/O friends walked away with a Shroud of Veeshan, Robe of Adversity, Shissar Focus Staff and two Torpors to top it off!

Awesome job everyone -- amazing night for the guild and our partners in Europa and Omni.

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