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Going Hard in 2019!

by Arthion_1, 10 days ago

We started the new year with a bang.  We had just been gathering for a ring war when... QUAKE!  Deciding that we were done defending Thurgadin, we rushed in and decided to kill the King of Thurgadin!  It had been a long time since we had killed Dain Frostreaver IV, and it was a fun fight, and new for lots of folks!  (I'd post a picture here but we so dismembered his body that it'd violate Section 3c of the "Gross Indecency" act of the Norrathian Congress)

Congratulations to Stabithaa for claiming the head of Dain!  Our pals in Europa snagged a Ring of Winter and Omni snagged a Frostreaver!

Not content to kill just the head of the dwarves, we quickly made our way to Skyshrine to take on Lord Yelinak!  Yelinak's mana drain was no match for our mages, who laid down what seemed like a thousand mod rods!  Victory was ours!

Congratulations to Ruiken on a key to Sleeper's Tomb!  We're getting close to having a competitive force!  Congratulations to Findail for snagging the Celestial Essence Robe, Teml for wielding Craslith, and our friends in Omni on Yelinak's Head and Europa on Dragon's Eye Sage Ring.


Moving on, we went for a recently familiar target of ours - Cazic-Thule!  Our largest quake force in recent memory (78 between PS and our friends in E/O).

Congratulations to Indiica on Eye of Cazic-Thule and Nampus on Robe of Inspiration, and Omni snagged a Halo of the Enlightened.


A few days later, we saw that Sevalak was still up in NToV.  And we're never ones to turn down the chance at a dragon... we used this opportunity to master pulling dragons from deep NToV all the way to the entrance.  Congratulations to Baylan on his first ever real FTE!  We managed to get Sevalak from his spawn point to the entrance, flawlessly and on our first try!  Congratulations Greevtox on a Shield of Midnight!


After a misunderstanding with our fellow Norrathians in Aftermath, we worked together to complete the Ring War we had started so many times.  After several false starts (due to quakes, bad RNG, etc.), we finally managed to complete the Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV for Splendifity!  We also snagged a Crown of Narandi for the gbank (promptly sold and funding recharges!) and a Narandi's Lance for Drgonzo.  Our friends in Europa and Omni who supported us snagged the rest of the ring war loot.


Somehow, almost 3 years in, PS is still doing Plane of Sky - week in and week out - and drawing solid interest from members!  So many drops to name, and so many quests completed by so my characters!  


Of course, no PS week is complete without killing our favorite giants!  Derakor the Vindicator and Velketor the Sorcerer!  Congratulations (recently) to Ugaboog on Chestplate of Vindication, Rums on Boots of the Vindicator, and Qxzv on Vermillon Robe of Torrefaction.  


Seven days after the quake, we went back to ToV for a day o' socking dragons!  We competed head to head against the top guilds on the server, trying to FTE and pull dragons to the entrance as they popped.  After several near-misses (including almost Vulak!), having our pulls messed with and more, we finally managed to secure and kill a dragon - our old friend Jorlleag!  

(Jorlleag chillin' in his crib, with no idea there's a gnome, an iksar an a dark elf just around the corner ready to be the bait...)

Congratulations to Sheys on Earring of the Icecaster and Tocar on Blydreln's Bane!


Paradigm Shift is keeping it real and putting fun first - going hard when we need to snag a mob, but also not stressing every spawn, every mistake or miss!  Join the fun, friendly atmosphere of a guild who knows how to get things done and keeps it friendly!

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Happy New Year!

by Arthion_1, 19 days ago

Happy New Year to all!


Paradigm Shift closed out the year with a great quake and cycle - killing 4/6 golems, 2/2 dracos, and 2/2 CTs in the last two weeks!  Much loot was had, with staggering double-digit number of drops in each fear run and large amounts of DKP spent!

But we haven't forgot about our favorites - slayin' dragons!

We've also had a smooth as silk Klandicar and Aaryoner kills recently!  As well as several VP dragons as well!

I don't really have time to tell the whole tale of Ruiken, Kiky and Klandicar - if you want to know, you'll just have to join Paradigm Shift and ask Ruiken yourself!

Paradigm Shift looking forward to 2019 - a whole new year of fun with friends, slayin' dragons, giants and more!

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Veeshan's Peak, Ring Wars, Tunare, and Sky!

by Arthion_1, 38 days ago

For the last two weeks, we've been hitting hard one of our favorite zones (VP, Sky, PoG) and one of our favorite encounters (Ring War, Tunare)

It wasn't our turn for Tunare loot, but our partners walked out with an amazing belt and branch!


We also killed a lot of VP dragons the past few weeks, the highlight being Green Dragon Scales that completed Wyman's epic!

There's been many wars to save Thurgadin and we've been successful each and every time - with old partners (Kittens Who Say Meow) and new ones (Europa & Omni) and always looking to do more!

We're still keeping it classic and rocking Plane of Sky, week in and week out!  We generally finish within 2-3 hours, and in a fun and efficient manner!  We've had excellent luck the past few months, snagging numerous Tears of Quellious, Divine Honeycomb, and finally completing the Complete Heal necklace for our Sky leader and cleric extraordinaire, Rhovanion!


We're hoping for some Holiday fun soon here at Paradigm Shift!  Come join us and the celebrations!

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